Are hygienists allowed to practice without a dentist?

Yes! In some states in the United States, including Maine, and some countries like Canada, hygienists can practice preventative care independently from a dentist. We follow all state laws and guidelines and continue our education to provide the best preventative care.

Is whitening safe for my teeth?

We use a professional-grade whitening system formulated with sensitive teeth in mind. Our whitening product is enamel-safe, causes little to no sensitivity, and is made with natural and organic ingredients.

What happens if I have a cavity or need further treatment?

If any treatment is needed outside our scope of practice, you’ll be referred to the proper dentist or specialist. You may choose to go to a dentist of your choosing or we can refer you to someone we trust.

Do you accept my insurance?

Mint accepts and will bill all insurances on our patient’s behalf. We will likely be considered an “out-of-network” provider. Any fees not covered by your insurance will be the patient’s responsibility to pay at the time of service. Although we will do our best to estimate an accurate out-of-pocket cost for our guests, we encourage you to call your insurance company prior to your appointment.

Does your office accept children?

We are currently accepting new patients and welcome patients of all ages!